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 AGM - Shree Bhagnari Panchayat 

Host: Shree Bhagnari Panchayat

When: Sunday Nov 2 2014

Time: 11.30 a.m.

Location: Shree Bhagnari Panchayat Hall, Kataria Colony, Mumbai

Notice of Annual General Body Meeting of Shree Bhagnari Panchayat

Annual General Body meeting of Shree Bhagnari Panchayat will be held on Sunday 2nd November 2014 at 11.30 a.m. If there is no quorum till 12.00 noon the meeting will be convened with the members who are present at that time.

Agenda for the meeting:

  1. Pass the minutes of the EGM held on 1st June 2014

  2. Review and pass the auditor’s report and the accounts of the panchayat for the period 1.4.2013 / 31.3.2014

  3. Review the report of panchayat’s activities

  4. Any other business

    If any member wishes to raise any query on the accounts or discuss any other matter during the AGM, the same should be notified at the panchayat’s office latest by Monday 27th October 2014.

With best regards and wishes for a happy and a prosperous Diwali and New Year,

Lachu Gehi




 (For the period 1.4.2013/31.3.2014)

  1. Annual Prize Distribution function was held in Nov 2013 when over 90 awards were presented. Sports-person of the year award was won by Yash Makar.

  2. The meritorious award were conferred on Chandu Chhada, Sheetal Kumar, Manish Nasta and jointly to Kanchan Kulkarni and Romi Mehta

  3. The prize distribution function is mainly funded by Trilokchand Gangaram Trust. We are thankful to Smt Ishu Nasta and Shri Prakash Mehta for continuing this tradition.

  4. Ganpati festival and Navratras were organized by the festival committee comprising of Smt Sita Talreja, Gobind Mehta, Dolly Nasta, Manju Dudeja and Manoj Gulabani

  5. Holi and Diwali functions were organized by the cultural committee comprising of Ramesh Poplay, Naresh Nasta, Rhea Nasta, Dolly Nasta and Meetali Mehta

  6. Diwali program was organized by Dubai Bhagnaris Youth Committee

  7. Donations amounting to Rs. 1,84,137 were received from Deepak Lulla, Anil Jani and the users of Panchayat hall. This sum also includes Rs. 1,35, 437 being transfer of balance from Bhagwani Keswani’s account after obtaining due permission from concerned persons and our auditors

  8. The interest earned from the sale proceeds of old office premises are utilized for education fees of the students (upto a maximum of Rs. 6000). This facility is utilized only if the education fees exceed the quota of welfare society.


Lachu Gehi


Managing Committee:

Ramesh Poplay – Vice President

Arjan Wadhare – Secretary

Laxman Jham – Treasurer

Arjan K Lal, Satish Nasta, Naresh Nasta, Lalit Jham, Suniel Gehi, Prakash Mehta – Members



Attended by the following Managing Committee Members:

Lachmandas Gehi, Laxman Jham, Arjan Wadhare, Naresh Nasta, Ramesh Poplay, Satish Nasta, Lalit Jham

The meeting was presided by the current President of the panchayat Lachmandas Gehi.

Following points from the agenda issued with the notice of the meeting were discussed:

1. Read the details of the order passed by the Charity Commissioner:

Members were informed of the reasons for issuing the order, due to which it was necessary to hold elections to the posts of President and Auditor

2. Appointment of auditors for the next term:

As proposed by Ramesh Poplay and seconded by Narain Gehi, as Nanda & Company are our external auditors, they should continue to be appointed as auditors for the next term.

Hence it was unanimously resolved to appoint M/s. Nanda & Company as Auditors for the next term.

3. Elect President of Shree Bhagnari Panchayat:

It was brought to the notice of the members present that only one nomination form for the post of the President was received during the prescribed time limit. That nomination was from Shri Lachmandas Gehi, the current President. His candidature was considered and in view of services rendered by him so far, he was unanimously elected as the President of Shree Bhagnari Panchayat

Shri Lachmandas Gehi thanked the house on his election and took the position. In turn the new President subsequently nominated the following members to the managing committee:

Ramesh Poplay         - Vice President

Arjan Wadhare         - Secretary

Naresh Nasta             - Jt. Secretary

Laxman Jham             - Treasurer

Arjan K Lal                   - Member

Satish Nasta               - Member

Lalit Jham                    - Member

Suniel Gehi                 - Member

Prakash Mehta         - Special Invitee

4. Pass the minutes of the last AGM held on 17.11.2013:

The minutes of the last AGM meeting held on 17.11.2013 were passed after discussing the following matter at length:

Narain Gehi mentioned that in the previous meeting he had raised the subject of holding Diwali and Prize distribution function outside the panchayat hall due to insufficient space and sound quality in the hall. The response to this had already been conveyed in the previous meeting, i.e. the function was being held in the hall to reduce expenses. The expenses on the function are incurred based on the donations received for the same. It was however agreed to improve the sound quality and also consider putting up a screen outside the hall for those who cannot be accommodated in the hall.

The question, whether the function must be held outside irrespective of the availability of sufficient donations, was posed to the house. Only 7 members out of 30 raised their hands. It was therefore agreed that the function should be held outside the hall only if sufficient donation is received.

5. Any other business:

Indu Kanar raised the matter that due to the outsiders attending the gatherings/functions in the hall, several community members are unable attend the same. It was therefore agreed that the organizers of respective functions will ensure that outsiders are not allowed in the hall. An exception will be made for those who have been founder members of such gatherings/functions.

There being no other business to discuss the meeting ended at 1.15 p.m. with vote of thanks to the chair.

Lachmandas Gehi



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