Dec 8 2010 : Bhagnari Marriages
Submitted By Ramesh poplay at 12/8/2010 2:55:26 PM

Ours is a very small community and instances of marriages between both the partners from our community are declining. Marriages between partners of the same surname, or nukh as we call it in our language, do not take place. This is done to avoid the possibility of a very close relationship, which can be detrimental to the health of the off-springs.  


Recently someone has requested me to put up this topic on Bhagnari Discussion Club and I have been gathering opinions on this subject. 


One of the opinions is that marrying within the same surname is not a problem as long as the relationship is not very close.  This opinion is strengthened by the fact that several Bhagnaris have changed their surname to ‘Bhagnari’. Thus for e.g. if a boy was earlier from xyz family and has now become Bhagnari and a girl was from abc family and has now become Bhagnari, then there should be no restriction to their marriage. People with this opinion feel that this is one of the way of avoiding the community boys or girls from marrying outside the community. 


The other opinion is that the marriages within the same surname are not good for the health of the children. If Bhagnari boys marry a non-Bhagnari girl, this would on the contrary result in getting fresh genes into the community and for this reason, such marriages should be encouraged. 


Let us know your opinion on this important subject.